Sunday, January 15, 2012

Greasemonkey fix for Outlook OWA

I don't know anybody who says "I love Outlook" or "I really like the web-based email client at work". Most people hate it. It would be better if there was a system that allowed users to run their preferred client (like Thunderbird, or whatever) which, given the right settings, would function with work email.

But there's not.

It is possible to set up forwarding, however, so it's not all bad. But there are times when one doesn't want to reply to work emails using a separate Gmail account.

Every now and again, one has to actually open Outlook Web Access in order to send a reply. However, there is no "mark unread" function so if one clicks the wrong thing, there's no easy way to unclick. Googling for a fix, I stumbled across a Greasemonkey script which fixes OWA!

Here's the script:

Obviously, the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox will have to be installed first, and then click on the link in David Burger's blog post to download the script

Install the script when prompted. Under settings, add the URL of the OWA page. Restart OWA and there are several new text buttons: select all, select nore, mark read, mark unread

I've never really used Greasemonkey before, so I'm very pleased to find I can use it for something useful and that my first attempt to use it actually worked!

Hardly Workin'

It's Thursday, so shut up ...

Bursting Bubbles

After watching this short TED talk on the personal bubbles that the web creates, I thought that maybe it's time to go back to Alta Vista, quondam search tool du jour, but then again, if people actively choose to get their news and information from one search engine, or from a single entity news site like Yahoo or CNN, and don't supplement it with LiveLeak, Ogrish, etc., then they're asking for a partial, blinkered view ...