Friday, December 14, 2012

Other sins may be available

On the subject of signage, a local hostelry appears to have turned to sin mongering. A hand-written notice offers passers-by the opportunity to acquire some anger. I wondered if any other deadly sins were on offer (I proudly envy those who lust after gluttony) but sloth got the better of me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Try a little trendiness

Voracious culture vulture that I am, I recently found myself at a Street Art event in the East End. Due to the vagaries of the public rail network, I arrived with time in hand [Traveller's Tip: planning your rail journey so you will arrive two hours early is a good way to ensure you will get to the event up to an hour before it starts].
In an attempted act of chronocide I wandered along nearby Brick Lane and happened upon this charming chalk board, bescrawled with witty wordage.
The adjacent establishment, far from being the iniquitous den implied by the board, turned out to be an uber-trendy coffee bar with a range suitably-priced snacks on offer. Refreshment was provided in the form of a shit-storm, which turned out to be a quadruple espresso served in a paper cup for the distinctly un-princely sum of two quid.