Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not Exactly "Free"

Adobe have put up various downloadables from Creative Suite 2 (aka CS2), along with serial numbers.

Downloadables include the full CS2 package, together with various components, downloadable individually. 

Among them are Acrobat 7 Pro (create PDF files); Audition 3.0 (audio editing); GoLive CS2 (web editing); InDesign CS2 (DTP); Illustrator CS2 (drawing); Photoshop CS2 (image editing); Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 (video editing) and After Effects (video effects). 

All the downloads, all the serials, all for free. But apparently it's not "free" as in "free for all", but free as in free for someone like an existing Adobe CS2 customer who already has the software, and would find it convenient to be able to download it again, together with a new serial number, for Windows, or for Mac, or for both.


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