Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love Comes In Spurtles

After many entries to the weekly quiz on BBC Radio4's Broadcasting House, some of which even included a correct answer, I have finally had my name pulled out of the metaphorical hat and have won one of the wonderful and legendary spurtles!

A Fistful of Spurtles
For those who don't know, a spurtle is a wooden stirring stick for porridge. (They used to offer a honey spoon, also known as a honey-drizzler or honey-dipper as a prize, but the drizzler went the way of all good things some time ago. "Say 'lavvy'" as we say to the French when when teaching them English).

This week's audio clue consisted of bits of Alan Partridge interspersed with sound snippets from Star Wars and Dr Who. I've preserved it for posterity via AudioBoo; hear it here:

"A-ha!" I thought: An Alan Partridge audio-clip is broadcasting shorthand for Norwich. Therefore, the answer must be the recent story concerning a contretemps between complementary communities at a recent UEA nerd fest. And indeed it was. Not only did I get the answer right, but I also got the wood too!

The winner of this week's quiz ... 

Back of the net!

I also found out that the man who gives BH its wood isn't the lovely Paddy O'Connell (YMMV) but a chap called Mark Allery who reveals all his in his Woodland Antics blog, along with a series of images:

(No, that's not him in the picture, that's someone else demonstrating the use of a honey-drizzler in Hundred Acre Wood)

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