Saturday, October 10, 2009

Games Eden UCS Ipswich: 1st October 2009

The Games Eden exhibition went off virtually hitch-free (unfortunately, the black display boards were made of material that was almost impossible to fix the exhibits on to, but everything stayed up for the event itself). There was a very good turn-out. About 70 visitors came to the event, both UCS students and visitors from local schools (several school parties came, which was great).

The UCS games design students who exhibited their work and who were involved in the set-up (Craig, Dean, Amber, Andrew) will have gained some valuable experience that will be useful not only for the School of Arts' End of Year Show, but also for other times they might need to present their work. (The "Get Into Games" feature in the current issue of Edge magazine talks about the games course at the University of Gotland in Sweden, where building a portfolio and exhibiting work are key components of the course: "The exhibition teaches our students to present their work at events and to communicate the value of their games in a competetive climate.")

The speakers at the Games Eden event at UCS were:

  • John McMillan, McMillan Technology: Setting up a Business.

  • Martin Deacon, Senior Designer, Sony Europe and Jason Riley, Senior Artist, Sony Europe: Games, Game Design and How to Get Into the Industry.

  • Matthew Applegate (Pixelh8): A Choice to Compute.

Here's John McMillan's presentation on setting up a business:

Here's a link to Matthew Applegate's blog post about the event:

John McMillan, who collaborated with Games Eden to help initiate the event, kindly supplied me with these Blackberry-snapped images of the evening:

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