Saturday, October 10, 2009

Noodling around until all the little ducks line up in a row

I was noodling around in the Navi-X folders under XBMC on a modded XBOX, trying to find something to watch and/or something that would work (after half an hour of trying to get stuff to load, and failing, I would have settled for anything) and I was beginning to regret moving on from the Japanese horror film that I had running to see if there was "something else" when I *eventually* stumbled across some video clips of presentations from the recent Future of Web Apps conference which might have been at Kensington Town Hall last week.

Pleased to find something working/watchable, I settled back with Francisco Tolmasky's presentation on Building Web Apps Using Atlas, which was very interesting. (Here's a video of the accompanying workshop; what I saw was FT building an RSS reader on stage, followed by Q&A) Not only had I not heard of Atlas, but I also hadn't heard of Cappuccino, nor 280 Slides, which are some other great things the boffins at 280 North have developed.

I made use of 280 Slides to create an embeddable version of John McMillan's Powerpoint slides that he used at the Brains Eden event last week. I was wondering how to implement something like that with John's slides, and I didn't fancy Powerpoint HTML and was wondering about PDF when it all fell into place. Sometimes everything just joins up, and all the little ducks line up in a row.

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