Thursday, November 5, 2009

GameCity, Nottingham

The GameCity 2009 computer games festival in Nottingham has just finished. (It ran from 27th-31st October). It'd be great if we could get a trip to the festival organised for next year. Hopefully, costs for transport, accommodation and entry won't be too prohibitive and, if enough people were committed to going, we could see what kind of group rates we could get. They offer student "internships" too ("internship" seems to be the new word for "placement" that appeared to gain popularity after the news was full of stories about a certain Whitehouse "intern" and her infamous blue dress a few years ago). I imagine that, while there would be a lot of interest in securing such a placement, it would be something well worth the effort of submitting an application. There's no pay and you'd have to sort out your own accomodation, but they do feed you, you get to get involved in the festival and, when you're not "on" will get access to the event itself. And just think of how that would look on a CV.

Click on the image to go to the Nottingham GameCity photostream on Flickr.

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