Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zotero: bibliographical tool

Zotero is a bibliographical tool available as a Firefox-plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux. Version 2 is available as a beta (ie, not quite finished) but, according to ProfHacker, it is stable.

Zotero is essentially a database that lets you keep bibliographies (and notes) for the different topics, or different projects etc, you might be working on. You can grab information from the web, Amazon, online databases like the UEA electronic journals, etc and Zotero will keep it all organised. When you're working on your essay, all you need to provide is the page number and, with a couple of clicks, Zotero will provide the reference--in any of a number of citation style (Harvard Chicago, MLA, etc) At the end of the essay, Zotero will also insert a fully formatted bibliography of the materials cited.

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