Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unreal Developer Kit

There's news on the Beyond Unreal site that Epic has released an Unreal Development Kit. This makes the Unreal Engine 3 runtime available free for non-commercial use.

It seems there's also the possibility of releasing mods or total conversions commercially via Steam, in what appears to be something akin to the way in which independent developers can develop and flog apps for the popular apple phone: the vendor takes a 30% cut and the developer keeps the rest. There aren't any details on this yet aspect of the UDK yet, but it would appear to open up possibilities for modders/game developers.

There are a couple of games included too, a ball game and something called Whizzle. There's also a design document and developer's video diary for the latter which should make interesting reading and viewing. Beyond Unreal refer to the UDK "the most powerful game creation toolset there is". Click on the image to read the news on and get the download links.

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